The World Health Organization Uncovered

Luis Zuñiga

We would like to think that international organizations are intrinsically good and that they have the common good of all at the core of their mission. However, my experience at the United Nations, after 10 years participating in their Working Sessions at Geneva, has been very bad. I know about the disappearance of documents, the manipulation of reports, coercion, and possibly bribery against delegates that did not “cooperate” or that “opposed” the goals of the delegates from countries with totalitarian regimes, especially China and Cuba; and the Soviets before them.
Their behavior was, and possibly continues to be, forceful; and they were successful because, in some ways, the governments (mainly democratic ones) of those “rebellious” delegates eventually removed them and they suffered “professional disgrace.” The end result is that the Chinese and Cubans manipulate the committees, sub-committees, and even the content of numerous reports at will. This seems the plot of a movie about the mob, but it is the reality, at least in Geneva and, now it seems that the same is taking place at the World Health Organization (WHO).